Month: March 2014

Next Meeting April 9th

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At our next meeting we will be discussing the different technologies for a home server to share videos, pictures and music.

April 9th Meeting RSVP Link

Women missing out on computer science jobs

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Here’s an interesting article that discusses women in computer science or the lack thereof. In 2012, the top 20 highest paying jobs for women included Computer & Information Systems Managers, Computer Systems Analysts, Computer Programmers, and Software Developers. So 20% of the highest paying jobs for women were in Computer Science and the article talks about how we need to encourage women to fill those positions. So after reading this article, do you feel women pursuing jobs in computer science similar to the Rosie the Riveter era where women picked up factory jobs during WWII?

Women Missing Out on Lucrative Careers in Computer Science.

Next Meeting March 12th

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Here’s the link to RSVP for our next meeting. We will discuss the ways we stay up-to-date with technology.